EnviroMission, a solar power generation company, has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), a joint powers authority, for EnviroMission's 200MW Solar Tower power station development planned for Arizona.

The agreement will allow SCPPA members, consisting of 11 municipal utilities and one irrigation district to deliver electricity to approximately two million metered accounts over 7,000 square miles to a population of nearly five million people.

The power generated from the Solar Tower power station will be delivered into the SCPPA transmission network for steady and predictable supply output, meeting SCPPA participants’ daily load requirements.

The Solar Tower power station uses solar radiation to heat air to drive turbines to generate electricity, eliminating the need of using water for power production and is expected annually offset more than 1 million tons of greenhouse gases.

EnviroMission CEO Roger Davey said that finalization of this PPA with SCPPA is an important milestone that will allow project finance to be secured for Solar Tower power station development and the Front End Engineering and Design necessary to break ground on the Arizona project.