The new Camera Commander is the first imaging testing system compliant with European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) 1288 standard, allowing it to offer indisputable, internationally recognized test results.

The company leverages over 40 years of experience build up CMOS and CCD imaging device solutions, incorporating the invention of TDI imaging and multi-port CCD operation concept. The company’s Camera Commander provides a compact system for efficient quality control of the incoming and outgoing imaging products.

Typically the test time of the new Camera Commander is less than 5 minutes per camera compared to hours or days for the in-house methods.

The new Camera Commander’s automated testing technology offers users with comprehensive analysis delivered in one easy to digest report. Using the EMVA 1288 testing standard, these reports offer an apples to apples comparison to a variety of products on the market that are difficult to assess using testing systems built in-house.

“Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to improve quality control, but in doing so are continuously squeezed by cost and schedule pressures,” said Mark Clifton, vice president of products and services at Sarnoff. “Camera Commander allows them to quickly increase sensor quality with considerable cost savings achieved through faster inspection time and an overall reduction in the number of returned goods.”