RR Waste Solutions, Inc (RR Waste), a sister company of Red River Service Corporation, has received a five-year solid waste collection contract from the City of Council Bluffs (Council Bluffs), Iowa. The contract, valued in excess of $11 million, will commence on July 1, 2008. Council Bluffs will implement a rotating recycling schedule for its 18,200 residents whereby residents will recycle paper products one week and other recyclable commodities the next week.

We are delighted to become a member of this community, commented President James Arrington Smith. They are implementing a new curbside recycling program, with some innovative ideas to encourage compliance and Red River has the experience to help the City achieve the success they are after.

Council Bluffs’ residents will also be limited on the amount of trash they can set our for collection each week; hopefully encouraging wider participation in the recycling program. Under the current contract, people can set out an unlimited number of containers. Under the new contract with Red River, residents would be limited to three 30-gallon containers or one 90-gallon polycart.

Red River will work with City officials in implementing these new programs and in educating the residents. We will participate in City education and information programs to the greatest extent possible and probably do some educating on our own, Smith continued.

Smith went on to discuss the art education poster contests the company has successfully implemented at other contract locations. The art contests we sponsor for 3rd and 4th grade school children at Nashville have been an overwhelming, win/win success for the City and for Red River. Children (and their parents) are informed about the importance of recycling and Red River gets beautiful original artwork on the sides of our collection vehicles!

As at other Red River contract locations, Red River will become a corporate member of the Council Bluffs’ community – using local vendors whenever possible, setting up an office and maintenance yard within the Council Bluff’s area and hiring from the local workforce.

RR Waste is a US-based provider of residential waste collection services.