RD Energy Solutions Ltd. (RD Energy), a Scotland based renewable energy consultancy and project development company, has conducted an initial feasibility and detailed environmental feasibility for a wind turbine up to 300 feet high to possibly be built on Wester Gourdie industrial estate in Dundee to provide electricity for a fruit and vegetable cold store.

Dundee Cold Stores Ltd is proposing to submit a planning application for what is described as a “medium-scale wind turbine” by its warehouse to the east of Smeaton Road.

The report to the development quality committee explaind, “A specific type of turbine has not been selected at this stage but it is expected to range from approximately 66m (216ft) from ground to blade tip to 91m (298ft) depending on the type and brand chosen.”

There is no indication in the report of the possible timescale for a planning application.

RD Energy Solutions contacted the council on behalf of the company, providing details of the proposal and the environmental issues it may raise.

However, the report to councillors stated, “On the basis of the information submitted, it has been concluded that the proposal is not likely to give rise to any significant environmental effects.

“Accordingly, it is considered that the submission of a formal environmental statement is not required in this case.”

The Wester Gourdie plant was built in 1970 and run until 2001 by Christian Salvesen when it was taken over by Alpine Cold Stores.

Fears that it might close in 2007 were allayed when it was sold to newly- established Dundee Cold Stores.

It is used by many local farmers, with peas, beans, raspberries and blackcurrants foremost among the crops frozen there, and it has been acknowledged as one of the best vegetable processing centres in the UK.