RAE Systems Inc. (RAE Systems), a US-based developer and manufacturer of multi-sensor chemical and radiation detection monitors, will demonstrate the company's new fixed and wireless flammable and toxic gas detection solutions at the 29th Annual International Liquid Terminal Operating Conference & Trade Show (ILTA) being held June 9 to June 10, 2009. The company will feature RAEGuard S, RAEGuard PID, FM-60 Controller and MeshGuard.

This conference and tradeshow gives RAE Systems the opportunity to showcase our new offerings in rapidly deployable, intrinsically safe, wireless solutions for toxic gases and flammability, as well as our drop-in fixed-system detector heads that integrate with traditional 4-20mA hard-wired systems, said Jesper Jensen, RAE Systems’ fixed products manager. Our mesh radio-based solutions offer a new paradigm in industrial monitoring.

RAE Systems will feature the following fixed and wireless toxic and flammable gas detection systems:

The RAEGuard S is a permanently deployed single-gas detector available for a range of gases including: carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), chlorine (Cl2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrocarbons (HC or TVOC), methane (CH4), oxygen (O2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). It is a flexible detector that offers analog (4-20mA) or digital (RS-485, ModBus, RTU) signals. The RAEGuard S uses a smart sensor module that can be calibrated offline. It is packaged in an explosion-proof, stainless-steel enclosure, making it ideal for hazardous environments. All models comprised a digital display for viewing gas concentration readings and alarms.

The RAEGuard PID is a fixed gas monitor with a photoionizations detector for total volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is housed in an explosion-proof case and carries intrinsic safety certifications. It is well-matched with existing analog (4-20mA) or digital (RS-485, ModBus, RTU) signal-based monitoring systems.

The FM-60 Controller can be configured as a single-channel controller, 1- to 4-channel controller, or 16-channel 4-20 mA controller with 64 addressable ports.

The MeshGuard is a rugged wireless flammable gas monitor designed for fast deployment, either temporary or permanent. Units placed within 300 meters of each other preserves reliable radio signal pathways in a self-healing network. The MeshGuard has IP-65 and intrinsic safety ratings and offers local audio and visual alarms. Each unit’s results are displayed and transmitted wirelessly to the FMC-2000 multi-channel controller.