After multiple iterations and rounds of internal testing in collaboration with PureSpectrum ’s manufacturing partners, a member of the company’s engineering team was in China recently finalizing product design and engineering on the 23-watt CFL as well as advancing designs for several other CFL designs which incorporate PureSpectrum’s proprietary technology. After encountering macro-engineering and manufacturing delays earlier in 2009, the company expects to be able to introduce several CFL products, including bare spirals and reflectors, in the near future which utilize the company’s proprietary technology.

“We understand that our shareholders have been eager to learn the direction of our technology, and we are proud of the work our engineering team has done to put us in a position to develop a firm product launch calendar that includes products that contain PureSpectrum’s proprietary technology,” said PureSpectrum President and Chief Executive Officer Lee Vanatta. “We were disappointed that we faced delays and we know our shareholders were disappointed to learn about the setback, but we have worked intently on modifying and refining our technology in order to be able to bring products containing our technology to market. We implemented intelligent and sound business strategies to offset the delays, and we believe the company has been strengthened considerably while the second iteration of our technology was completed.”

PureSpectrum continues to build upon positive sales momentum generated by the introduction of a non-proprietary 20-watt dimmable CFL in the third quarter. While refinements and modifications on PureSpectrum’s technology were ongoing, the company initiated its sales strategies on multiple platforms and established brand identity and familiarity among many critical audiences.

“As we have maintained throughout this process, our intention to introduce innovative, high performance energy efficient lighting into the marketplace has never changed,” Vanatta said. “We believe we have positioned ourselves appropriately during the past three months for our brand to be recognizable as we continue our product development efforts and add to our product launch calendar.”