Pro-Tech Energy, an energy services company serving the Mid-Atlantic region's commercial properties, has installed solar PV generation systems on the roofs of two Fond du Lac Cold Storage refrigerated warehouses in Edison, New Jersey.

The systems, installed at Fond du Lac facilities at 78-90 Saw Mill Pond Road (591,000W) and 275 Mill Road (417,000W), is expected to reduce demand on the grid during peak energy times. The two solar roof systems are expected to account for approximately 45% of Fond du Lac’s annual electric usage.

The company claims that each year the energy savings from the renewable energy production will prevent 1,459,808 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, an environmental impact equivalent to preserving 5.6 acres of forest and conserving 1,865 barrels of oil.

Pro-Tech worked with the refrigeration facility to secure financing and complete and file applications for the US Treasury Grant.

Ted Chan, president of Fond du Lac Cold Storage, said: “Reducing energy costs is an ongoing challenge for any warehouse operation, particularly for the owners and operators of refrigerated warehouses because cold storage facilities require substantial amounts of electricity to maintain the proper temperatures necessary for preserving food and beverages.

“We not only value green building from an environmental standpoint, but we now value it from an economical one as well.”