We are pleased to work with WASTE REDUCTION which enhances our utility invoice processing and expense reduction products, tightens expense controls and improves recovery of all waste-related costs for our client’s multifamily communities that would otherwise be lost, said Michael Radice, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of NWP.

Waste disposal expenses have long been an area of opportunity for expense reduction, but recent years have been marked with record price inflation for the waste industry. Now, both federal and local-level legislation is increasing on defining needs for recycling and the disposal of special waste items like universal waste, ex: batteries, fluorescent bulbs, paints, etc. and e-waste, ex: computers, household appliances. As a result, multifamily owners and managers are faced with increasing complexities in mitigating accelerated expense growth and navigating compliance issues. The new solution to be provided by NWP will solve these problems by delivering sustainable expense savings, accurate and dependable resident bill allocation and improved service quality and resident satisfaction for waste and recycling program expenses.

We cannot help but notice the waste management industry is changing fast. New legislation is making waste a risk management issue on top of an already escalating expense problem for our customers. NWP searched the marketplace for a partner with the waste industry expertise, operational capabilities and a customer-centric business model needed to make this program a durable success, stated Jim Charles, senior vice president of product management and engineering at NWP. WASTE REDUCTION exceeded our expectations on all three requirements, added Charles.

Combining NWP’s resident billing and utility management capabilities with WASTE REDUCTION’s comprehensive waste expense management services creates a powerful and seamless solution. We are heavily focused on serving the multifamily industry and look forward to expanding our market leader position with this exciting new solution, said Bryce Kaspar, president and CEO of Waste Reduction.

Waste Reduction is a US-based waste expense management company.