Adoption of electric vehicles will soon become a key part of energy savings efforts and lowering the carbon footprint for individuals and businesses through the US. To make EV’s commonplace, they must be as easy to use and to fuel as their gasoline counterparts. This means that electric vehicle charging stations must be conveniently available to EV owners wherever they work and play and this infrastructure must be ready to charge before the cars are introduced. NovaCharge recruits key sales partners who understand their customer’s needs, and who can help make this new EV infrastructure a reality.

“NovaCharge recruits partners who are both passionate about the EV industry and committed to customer quality and excellence.” said Helda Rodriguez, president, NovaCharge, “Praxis Technologies has a track record of demonstrated success and innovation in the deployment of renewable energies, and we are pleased to have them as a part of our expanding partner network.”

Praxis Technologies is dedicated to providing customers with high quality products and services that assist them in becoming more energy and water efficient, less wasteful, and in deploying unique, sustainable and practical technologies. By offering choices in the deployment of alternate energy generation technologies, energy conservation, and water conservation, Praxis Technologies products and services enable the use of resources that are technically feasible, mature, and widely available.

“By offering the ChargePoint Network, Praxis once again expands our ability to deliver innovative products and services that enable customers to use widely available renewable energy sources.” said Albert Kurz, president, Praxis Technologies. “Through our new partnership with NovaCharge, Praxis will offer the innovative ChargePoint™ Networked Charging Stations. We are focused on enabling the EV transportation industry by offering the energy savings, economic benefits, and flexibility facilitated by a true networked EV charging infrastructure.”

NovaCharge is a US-based company that deploys smart charging infrastructure for plug-in electric vehicles by providing a seamless, scalable, reliable and cost-effective solution from Coulomb Technologies known as the ChargePoint Network.

Coulomb Technologies is a US-based designer and builder of charging stations for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Praxis Technologies is a US-based provider of renewable energy and energy conservation products and services.