Nextraction Energy said that the completion of the Upper Lance and Tertiary zones of the Noble 6-24 well in Wyoming has resulted in a flowed back rate of 4.853 million cubic feet of gas (mmcfg) over an eight-hour open flow test, with an average rate of 3.007mmcfg/day on an initial 24-hour test.

Over a five-day flow back period to recover frac fluids, the well produced a total of 6.153mmcfg, 34 barrels of condensate, and 274 barrels of water/frac fluids through a 0.5 inch choke.

The well was then shut in for the installation of production tubing to assist in the recovery of production fluids.

A sustained flow rate will be determined and released upon completion of frac fluid recovery and the removal of the water from the lower previously frac’d formations, the company said.

Fracing the Middle Lance, Upper Lance and Tertiary sand zones in the upper portion of the well follows the previous completion of the Lower Lance and Mesaverde zones.

Nextraction holds a 100% interest in the Noble 6-24 well until it receives 150% of payback on investment capital for the well and surrounding infrastructure, estimated at $6.8m.

Upon reaching payback, the company’s interest will reduce to 73.75% with Vantage Energy then owning the remaining 26.25% interest in the well.

Canada-based Nextraction is engaged in the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in North America.