The ministry will make the final approval depending on the amount of additional information.

The applicant and affected parties have opportunity to provide additional information before the ministry’s final decision is made. The preliminary decision may change if additional information shows the effects are more or less than currently expected.

“We had to judge whether the proposed farm would unduly affect fishing or the sustainability of fisheries resources in the area,” said Ministry of Fisheries’ regulatory manager Russell Burnard.

“The application will have some effects on commercial set net fishing. However, based on current information in front of me, I’m satisfied the proposed site would not have an ‘undue’ adverse effect on this fishery.”

“We like to run an open process,” said Burnard. “Now that I have made this preliminary decision, parties get to see what I am thinking and what information I have taken into account. They can then provide additional information they wish me to consider”.

“Any additional information provided will be carefully considered before the final decision to grant or decline the application is made”.