On November 13, 2009, Nevada Geothermal repaid $30 million of the TCW loan. The balance to pay the loan down to about $70 million is expected to come from a senior debt financing planned with John Hancock Life Insurance Company which is anticipated to close in January, 2010.

Nevada Geothermal has contracted Ensign Energy Services Inc. to complete three wells, two deep injector wells and one production well, which are designed to increase the Faulkner 1 plant output from the current level of 27 MW (net) to greater than 40 MW (net). The company believes that Faulkner 1 plant output can be optimized at around 47 MW (net).

The existing production well field is comprised of six wells, each capable of producing greater than 7 MW (net of station load) individually or greater than 40 MW together, however, in order to prevent drawdown of the reservoir, two existing shallow injection wells have to be replaced by two new deep injectors. The first new injector well (55-15), located along the known reservoir structure one quarter mile (1300 feet) north of existing deep injector well (57-15), was spudded on November 20, 2009. This well is currently drilling ahead at 3014 feet depth and will reach target depth by early January, 2010.

The plant has been operating continuously since being placed-in-service October 9, 2009. Commercial operation was declared November 20, 2009, well ahead of the February 12, 2010 deadline required in the power purchase agreement with NV Energy, Inc.

Power production from the field has been continuously increasing as the injectivity of the injection wells has been improving, resulting in higher fluid production rates. Fluid utilization efficiency for the plant has also increased with fine tuning of operational procedures. The reservoir pressure has been constant during production since shallow injection wells have been shut-in. Production temperatures for wells have remained constant or increased slightly through the course of production.

“We are very pleased with smooth performance of the Faulkner 1 plant and of the well field since discontinuing shallow injection,” Brian Fairbank, president and chief executive officer of Nevada Geothermal, said. “We are embarking on a make-up drilling project that will enable Faulkner 1 to be amongst the largest producing plants in Nevada. I want to thank NGP’s highly capable team and our industry partners for helping make this happen.”