NEPC India Limited (NEPC) will establish a special economic zone (SEZ) project for manufacturing products for generating power from non conventional energy sources. The non conventional energy sources include wind, solar, biomass, biogas, hydro, ocean energy, etc. This project will be located in about 100 acres of land near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India. The company has received all the approvals from the state and central governments for this SEZ project.

The NEPC’s SEZ project is expected to start operation in about six months time. Once the project completes, the company expects large investments in the range of INR40 billion to INR50 billion from Indian and Foreign investors.

NEPC may get an annual income of INR500 million INR600 million. The NEPC-SEZ Project when commenced will provide employment to 5000 / 6000 people both directly and indirectly.

The demand for power and for the reduction of green house gas emission made NEPC to go for SEZ project.

Taking into account the potential of solar energy available in the country for almost 360 days in the country, NEPC got into manufacturing solar energy compatible solar dual power system, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) to meet the demand for power, especially in North and other parts of India. The success achieved in solar dual power system lead them to exploit the solar energy potential to the logical end.

The company has realized the fact that the future of the country depends upon environment friendly power generation system by harnessing Non conventional energy sources.

The volatility of oil prices, the concern for abatement of Green House Gases (Pollution) and the enormous outflow of Foreign Exchange are compelling reasons all over the World to focus on Power Generation through Non Conventional – Renewable Energy Sources.

This SEZ project is a timely venture, particularly for the nation which is facing huge shortage of power.

NEPC is sourcing advanced technology for their solar (PV) Module manufacturing plant and other products required for installation of Solar Project and other Non Conventional Energy products like wind energy, small hydro, mini hydro, bio gas bio mass etc.