Nation-E, a Swiss company that develops energy storage, smart metering and load leveling systems, has introduced the electric Hummer H1 to the Angel Car portfolio of mobile charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs) that are stranded on the road.

The electric AngelH1, which is equipped with a 60kW battery, has been designed not only to recharge the stranded EVs, but also to provide electricity to complete buildings, hospitals, construction sites, and units that urgently require electricity.

The AngelH1 has a customizable range that enables the EV to traverse inaccessible territories suffering from electricity shortages and blackouts for days being hit by natural calamity, and deliver emergency units using mobile energy supply of the AngelH1.

The other application of the electric AngelH1 includes supply of energy for the mining industry and off grid construction sites and acting as an energy carrier for satellites and other communication devices, providing a range of energy for transmission of content.

Nation-E is currently pursuing partnership with countries that are experiencing growth in e-mobility industry, including European countries such as Germany, Italy, Finland, and Israel and the US, to driving e-cars realistic even without the huge deployments of new infrastructures.