The open season features a newly proposed pipeline system, the Appalachian Lateral, to provide much-needed new interstate pipeline infrastructure to move gas supplies produced from the Marcellus Shale and other Appalachian producing regions to growing northeast markets, said National Fuel Gas Supply.

This open season will also provide shippers the opportunity to access incremental storage capacity of 8.5 billion cubic feet via National Fuel Gas Supply’s planned expansion of certain of its existing underground natural gas storage fields. This storage capacity will be offered in a complementary open season in the near future.

The scope and size of the Appalachian Lateral will be determined after the close of the open season. The Appalachian Lateral may serve as a complement to National Fuel Gas Supply’s previously announced West-to-East project, which is designed to move Rockies Express gas supply from Ohio to the US Northeast.

According to the company, results from a 2007 open season for the West-to-East project were robust and market interest remains strong for new facilities to be built in this region where exploration and production activity, particularly in the Marcellus Shale, is increasing.