Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda. (Moto Honda), a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda), will begin sales of the flex fuel CG150 TITAN MIX in Brazil in mid-March 2009. This small-sized motorcycle is equipped with a Mix Fuel Injection System, a flexible-fuel technology developed by Honda. With adoption of new fuel supply and fuel injection control systems, the Mix Fuel Injection System enables flexible mixture of environmentally-responsible bio-ethanol and gasoline fuels.

Adoption of this technology helps reduce CO2 emissions, while reducing fuel costs for consumers as well.

The starting price is BRL6,340, and the company is planning to sell 200,000 units annually.

In Brazil, penetration of flexible-fuel technology is well advanced, and approximately 90% of new automobiles sold in Brazil are equipped with flexible-fuel technology. However, CG150 TITAN MIX will be the first motorcycle model to be equipped with flexible-fuel technology.

Industry-wide new motorcycle registrations in Brazil reached around 1.91 million units in 2008, and Honda sales accounted for 1.326 million units of the total.