Small, rugged and waterproof, the DIS-1 and EDIS-1 can be read numerous times in a non-destructive manner without losing dose information. This feature allows users to instantly read their accumulated doses whenever necessary. The wide dose and energy range, along with the ability to operate in pulsed fields, makes the DIS dosimeters well-suited for many radiation dosimetry applications.

The DBR-1 dosimeter reader was specifically designed to read DIS-1 and EDIS-1 dosimeters. The reader provides users with an instant dose reading, and stores the dose in a buffer memory for subsequent electronic transmission. This instant reading capability allows users to monitor their dose on a daily basis, and the electronic transmission eliminates the need to send badges to a processing center to obtain an official dose of record.

“We are honored to have been selected to provide a dosimetry system to Gösgen Nuclear Power for addressing both legal and environmental requirements,” said Antony Besso, President, of Mirion’s Health Physics Division. “We are committed to providing them with outstanding service levels.”