Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), an electric utility, plans to install 18 additional Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint Networked charging stations for electric vehicles in and around Dane County, bringing the total number of ChargePoint stations to 24 within the community.

MGE will finance the allocation and installation of the new charging stations which will offer Level II (240V/30A) charging for EVs as part of its public demonstration project through a Department of Energy grant.

Coulomb Technologies’ Midwest distributor Carbon Day Automotive is collaborating with MGE on this project to distribute the stations, which are planned to be installed in 10 highly trafficked areas within the community.

All drivers and manufacturers of plug-in vehicles can have access to Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network by making a toll free call to a 24/7 number on each charging station, which will offer free charging to EV owners.

ChargePoint Network provides information on the charging status by SMS text or email notification, location of unoccupied charging stations via smart phones and includes smart grid integration with built-in utility grade metering, time of use pricing and demand response control.

Coulomb Technologies CEO Richard Lowenthal said that Coulomb’s advanced networking software is the reason why MGE is able to accurately track and monitor usage of EV drivers’ activities.

“We are proud to play a large role in the communities’ future adoption of alternative fueling vehicles as the residents of Wisconsin will see these new vehicles on the road and the community will be EV ready,” Lowenthal said.