Marsulex Environmental Technologies Corporation, a provider of air quality control technologies, entered an agreement with Great River Energy to license a patent pending heat recovery process.

The process has been first implemented at Coal Creek Station in Underwood, ND, where MET was awarded the engineering and procurement for both units.

The agreement between the two parties was signed earlier this year, making MET the exclusive licensee of the “Great River Energy Reheat Process”. The process utilizes flue gas path heat recovery to raise stack gases above acid due point, avoiding a wet stack. Furthermore, the reheat process is a straightforward system that does not require the burning of fuel and has minimal equipment in contact with the flue gas, allowing for operational flexibility.

MET President, Robert Cardell, stated that this approach further displays the company’s ability to form and produce new and original processes, building solutions for customer issues based on a track record of ingenuity and vast experience in the industry. “We are pleased to have been able to team with Great River Energy and bring together two organizations that thrive on their innovativeness and engineering originality. The team has developed a unique system which can provide other plants with the opportunity to recover heat in a cost-effective, and operationally reliable and efficient manner.”