A local executive of Mainstream Renewable Power Jose Ignacio Escobar said, “We are studying various sites for our projects,” Escobar said. “If the new administration gives us a clear signal (of support) we could make these plans concrete over the next three years.”

Earlier in November 2008, Mainstream Renewable Power inked a $1 billion deal with Chile-based Andes Energy to establish plants throughout Chile and generate around 400 MW of electricity. These projects include the Laguna Verde site in Valparaiso (Region V), which will produce 35 MW – enough to power 19,000 homes.

Each wind farm would generate between 50 MW and 100 MW of power and would double the size of Mainstream Renewable Power’s existing Chile operations.

The plants will be run by joint venture company Andes Mainstream S.A., in which Mainstream Renewable Power owns 90% of stocks.