Lighting Science Group (LSG), a LED lighting manufacturer, has secured a contract form BP, to supply its energy efficient and long lasting LED fixtures to retrofit approximately 40,000 gas stations operated by BP across Europe.

Under this contract, LSG will supply Lowbay LED fixtures that are designed to deliver high light output with low energy consumption—85 lumens/watt, suitable for warehouses, stockrooms, parking garages, gyms, hangars, tunnels, and canopy lighting for gas stations.

The installation of the fixture, which is also available with a dimming function and/or occupancy sensors to provide additional energy savings will enable BP to reduce maintenance, replacement and energy cost, leading to a short payback period.

Lighting Science Group CEO Zach Gibler said that with rising energy costs across the world, multinational companies, like BP, are looking for ways to save energy—Lighting Science Group’s LED products are a perfect solution.

“The Lighting Science LED flat lowbay fixtures provided will improve both the environment and BP’s bottom line by delivering up to an 80% energy savings over traditional lighting technology, such as HID fixtures, and will last approximately five times as long,” Gibler said.