Lighting Science Group (LSG), a LED light manufacturer, has secured a contract to relight the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah with its energy efficient Prolific series LED street lights, helping the city save in energy and maintenance cost.

The Lighting Science’s long lasting Prolific Series street lights, which are claimed to be 50% more efficient than HPS street lights, are easy to install and designed to provide high lumen output and energy savings.

Further, the Prolific LED technology delivers maintenance-free operation, eliminating costly re-lamping and re-ballasting of HPS street lights and using direct line wiring in place of starters or capacitors for installation.

Retrofitting the existing HPS street lights with Lighting Science LED street lights, is expected to cut the city’s energy consumption by 885,271kWh and eliminate approximately 636 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The city has financed this project using Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Lighting Science Group CEO Zach Gibler said that with rising energy costs across world, cities like Salt Lake City are looking for ways to save energy and Lighting Science Group’s LED products are a perfect solution.

“The LED street lights provided will improve both the environment and the city’s bottom line by delivering a 50% energy savings over HPS street lights and will last approximately 5 times as long,” Gibler said.