Lime Energy Co. (Lime Energy), a US based provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy design/build solutions, said that its subsidiary Applied Energy Management (AEM) has received a $2.25 million contract from ESCO partner to provide weatherization and the design and installation of energy efficient lighting at a US Army facility in Virginia.

The base is made up of over 184 buildings which will realize energy savings in heating and cooling through building envelope load reduction along with energy saving from lighting upgrades. AEM’s turn-key projects will include the energy efficient lighting upgrades along with the installation of new weather stripping around all points of building access and egress, sealing penetrations of the building envelope including adding insulation to attics, walls, and other surfaces which were identified to benefit from increased energy efficiency.

“Energy efficient projects like this creates jobs, reduces operating expenses, provides attractive returns on taxpayer dollars, reduces energy use to help achieve stated federal energy reduction initiatives and reduces harmful greenhouse gases caused by most energy production” stated Jim Smith, President of AEM. “Although lighting upgrades are often the low hanging fruit for immediate energy savings, weatherization is also an important and effective energy efficiency solution as evidenced by this contract and the $5 billion allocated to weatherization in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” concluded Smith.