JER Envirotech International Corporation (JER), a US-based manufacturer of thermoplastic biocomposite compounds and sheeting, has signed a multi-year supply agreement with JJ Barker Company (JJ Barker) for its thermoplastic biocomposite sheeting products. JJ Barker will use these products in its line of moisture resistant decorative tile and wall covering products. The new agreement is the result of the development effort by JJ Barker and JER including nearly two years of testing and trials.

The agreement also includes the supply of up to 40,000 sheets annually of 3 mm and 4 mm thick JERtech Biocomposite sheeting in sizes ranging from 4 ft by 8 ft to 4 ft by 5 ft.

By using JERtech Biocomposite Sheeting, JJ Barker will be able to offer their customers a non-toxic, moisture resistant high strength, dimensionally stable, and eco-friendly option within their well established line of high performance decorative wall coverings for high humidity applications. In announcing the new agreement with JJ Barker, JER Envirotech has begun increasing production capabilities and staffing to meet JJ Barker’s purchase requirements by the start of the second calendar quarter 2009.

The supply agreement we have established with JJ Barker for the JERtech Sheeting product line is the culmination of intense efforts by JER Envirotech’s Research & Development team and the extraordinary cooperation and assistance of JJ Barker management and production teams, states Edward Trueman, President and CEO of JER. The new agreement represents a joint commitment to bringing the moisture resistant JERtech(TM) Sheeting product line to consumers throughout the world.

Gordon Wood, president of JJ Barker, stated, JER Envirotech’s commitment to the co-development of a durable product for our challenging high humidity applications concluded with the introduction of an environmentally friendly, moisture resistant decorative panel system that meets our stringent requirements and those of our customers and prospects. We are pleased with the JERtech Biocomposite Sheeting and look forward to incorporating them into our line of decorative moisture resistant panels.