IXYS Corporation (IXYS), an integrated semiconductor company, has introduced new high voltage 2200V rectifier diode, DNA30E2200PA. This new rectifier diode comes in TO-220 housing and is designed as a decoupling diode for photovoltaic systems in the renewable energy applications, where solar panels are installed to provide power into the electrical grid. The key features of this diode are improved electrical characteristics, ruggedness and reliability.

The new DNA diode, represent a new DNA family of products, within the long, proven tradition of the high voltage high performance product from the company. The new diode is designed and optimized to accomplish all industrial standards. In addition, it covers the improved requirements for the photovoltaic systems, IEC 62548. This new standard incorporates an increase of the system voltage that leads to higher voltage needs for the particular power semiconductors in these applications.

The DNA family demonstrates IXYS’ focus on developing products for the growing needs of Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) in the renewable energy sector. Although these products were developed for the solar PV sector, it finds numerous applications in other high efficiency energy conversion applications, said Nathan Zommer chief executive officer of IXYS. Due to the high quality requirements for such products for these markets, we designed and produce them in our own European based plant to insure quality inside out!

The DNA diode family is a new high voltage rectifier offering high efficiency and high power density at a lower cost.