Leveraging the continued innovation of its hardware platform, combined with the company’s fifth-generation OneFS operating system software, the new products drive enhanced performance for a full spectrum of file-based data applications and the access patterns from highest performance, I/O-intensive applications, to the primary and secondary storage, to nearline archives, all from single file system architecture. The company’s new S-Series, X-Series and NL-Series products expand the applicability of its new scale-out NAS solutions within enterprise and the data-intensive vertical markets, allowing businesses to speed time-to-market, abolish disparate systems and decrease operational costs.

With file-based data eclipsing block-based data as the dominant form of information being created in the enterprise, businesses can no longer afford to face this unprecedented challenge with the complex architectures of traditional approaches, stated Sujal Patel, chief executive officer, Isilon. Instead, they must adopt integrated and widely applicable solutions that drive business value while reducing operational and capital expenditures. Isilon’s new products serve a wide array of file-based data applications across the enterprise and data-driven vertical markets, increasing workflow productivity and operational efficiency while aligning capital expenditures directly with continued storage growth.

Even in the face of a challenging macro-economic environment, file-based data continues to accelerate, driven by the rapid data growth in industries such as media and entertainment, life sciences, Internet, and manufacturing, stated Noemi Greyzdorf, research manager, IDC. To address this progressive shift, enterprise businesses will be best served by deploying systems that deliver simplified file-based data management across storage tiers, as well as efficient utilization of performance and capacity. Today, scale-out NAS solutions meet these criteria and can help organizations increase operational efficiencies and optimize capital expenditures.

IQ 5400S: Optimized for Highest Transactional/Random I/O Performance:

The Isilon IQ 5400S delivers over 1 million IOPS from a single file system, 10X over the new traditional NAS Fiber Channel solution and more than 30 gigabytes per second (GBps) of aggregate throughput from single file system. With its major transactional performance increase, the 5400S allows enterprises to properly support the mission-critical applications, accelerate business processes and speed time-to-market, while empowering the verticals like media and entertainment and design and simulation with efficient high-performance their process-heavy workloads require. Integrating 15,000 RPM Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drive technology, Quad-Gigabit Ethernet front-end networking, high performance InfiniBand back-end node interconnects, and up to 16 gigabytes (GB) of globally coherent cache per node with company’s OneFS operating system, the S-Series gives the highest performance scale-out NAS system for the most data-intensive file-based applications.

At Sony Pictures Imageworks we use an all digital workflow to deliver state of the art visual effects production and character animation, stated Nick Bali, senior software engineer, Sony Pictures Imageworks. With continuing advances in effects technology, our need for greater performance and capacity grows with each subsequent project. Isilon continues to deliver with the new S-Series, providing a storage solution that easily scales performance and capacity in parallel with the rapid growth of our visual effects pipeline.

IQ 36000X: Performance, Scalability and Value for Primary Storage:

The Isilon IQ 36000X is the new addition to company’s X-Series, offering up to 3.45 petabytes (PB) of capacity and more than 30 GBps of throughput from a single file system that is 60X more than traditional scale-up NAS storage systems. Featuring a 3X increase in capacity per node and a 33% increase in disk density per rack unit over previous X-Series models, the 36000X enables businesses to quickly scale capacity and performance linearly as data grows. In addition, the 36000X, along with all of company’s scale-out NAS systems, offers much higher utilization rates than traditional NAS or SAN storage, 80% versus 50% for competing solutions, increasing data center efficiency and the decreasing cost of ownership.

IQ 36NL: Redefining Economics of Nearline Archiving:

The Isilon IQ 36NL houses 36 TB of raw storage in 4U chassis and scales out to 3.45 PB in a single file system, or more than 200X traditional scale-up NAS storage systems, offering the best dollar per TB ratio of any scale-out NAS solution on the market. Leveraging company’s OneFS operating system, the 36NL offers near-primary accessibility with near-tape value to provide low overall total cost of ownership of any scale-out NAS nearline storage solution available. With Isilon IQ 36NL, enterprises can abolish the need for multiple archive systems and unify their critical business information onto one seamlessly scalable, easy-to-use solution to accelerate data access and decrease operational costs. Likewise, the customers in fields like bioinformatics and Web 2.0 can rely on the Isilon IQ 36NL to furnish the cost-efficient repositories for their ever-growing volumes of analytical data and rich media content. In addition, when integrated with Isilon’s SyncIQ asynchronous replication software, the 36NL offers a complete solution for disk-based disaster recovery.

Isilon IQ has been an instrumental part of helping us grow a single file system to nearly a petabyte in less than a year, while still maintaining the throughput required to power our workflow and advance our research, stated Matthew Trunnell, manager of research computing, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Isilon Systems, Inc. is a US based provider of scale-out NAS systems.