The awards are part of Sydney Water’s SewerFix Program, which is a three-year sewer rehabilitation program designed to protect public health and reduce the number of sewage overflows reaching the environment.

During the next three years, Insituform will employ over 50 employees in the Sydney area. Insituform will also work with local subcontractors to complete these projects.

Insituform CIPP (cured-in-place pipe), Insituform’s core technology, and the iPlus Infusion lining system, Insituform’s next generation CIPP solution, will be used to rehabilitate pipelines in urban, coastal, national park and environmentally sensitive areas.

Daniel Gamboa, Insituform Pacific’s general manager, Australia, said, “We have completed over 25 pipeline rehabilitation projects during the past two years in Australia and continue to expand our capabilities in this market as well as provide innovative solutions which were not previously available to our customers. We congratulate Sydney Water on their ambitious environmental and economic sewer rehabilitation program and look forward to working with them on these projects.”

“Over the past two years, we have delivered a diverse range of gravity and pressure pipe rehabilitation projects as a joint venture partner with VSL International Ltd. In order to expand our visibility in the Asia Pacific market, we have established Insituform Pacific Pty. Ltd. and Insituform Asia Ltd. as wholly owned subsidiaries of Insituform Technologies, Inc. We currently have operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and India and are excited about our growth opportunities,” remarked Daniel Cowan, Insituform’s vice president of Asia/Pacific. Cowan relocated to Hong Kong earlier 2009.

Insituform is a US-based provider of proprietary technologies and services for the rehabilitation of pipeline systems.

Sydney Water is provider of drinking water, recycled water, wastewater services and stormwater services.