With the new A-GPS Single-Chip, the power consumption is reduced by 50%, increasing the battery life of products in which it is included. The footprint has been reduced by 25%, compared to the smallest GPS chip solution.

“At this year’s fair, we show a comprehensive mobile communications portfolio from ultra low cost platforms, to entry and modem solutions”, states Dominik Bilo, senior vice president sales, marketing and distribution of the Infineon. “Infineon is well prepared to serve the growing trends in the mobile communication market and we are leveraging our unique advantages in the areas of true, monolithic integration. Our platform offerings are the most highly integrated solutions in the market and mostly best in class in terms of energy efficiency and cost position.”

The company also shows a new low-cost platform solution to combine the power of the mobile internet with the benefits of 3G network connectivity. The Infineon XMM 6130 sets a new standard for enhanced mobile internet experience, offering higher data rates provided by 3G HSDPA. This makes the platform a competitive, cost optimized 3G solution. The platform is housing the X-GOLD 613, a cellular System-on-Chip, comprising of monolithically integrated 2G /3G digital and analog baseband plus power management functionality. It is manufactured in 65nm CMOS technology and is company’s new platform generation for 2G/3G, taking the next step in bringing enhanced modem features such as HSDPA to the mass market.

Also in the area of Ultra low-cost mobile phones, Infineon shows the X-GOLD 110, the third generation of company’s family of GSM/GPRS ultra low-cost phones. The X-GOLD 110 is the world’s highest integrated and very cost effective one-chip solution with system costs (Bill of Material, BoM) for mobile phone manufacturers lower than 20 per cent compared to existing solutions, Infineon once again sets standards for the mobile phone industry. The X-GOLD 110 is the successor of company’s very successful second Generation GSM/GPRS single-chip, the X-GOLD 101. More than 100 million ultra-low-cost mobile phones world wide have been equipped with company’s chipset. Key success is the incomparably affordable cost position with more than 30% lower system costs. And the success has recently been honored: Infineon has been awarded with the prestigious Innovation Award of German Industry for the best technological innovation in the category of “large-scale enterprises” for this chipset.

Also shown at Mobile World Congress 2009 are: The SMARTi LU is company’s second Generation LTE Transceiver and underlines the company’s leading position in offering highly integrated and sophisticated solutions for future mobile communications markets. The SMARTi LU, a single-chip 65nm CMOS RF transceiver providing 2G/3G/LTE functionality, is tailored for highest LTE data rates up to 150 Mbps.

“This year’s Mobile World Congress will again see a focus on highest integration in mobile technologies and we see Infineon very well positioned in the field of monolithic integration”, concludes Dominik Bilo. “The industry now sees products in 65nm technology on display. But we can proudly say that Infineon offers the most advanced and competitive solutions in terms of cost and integration level. Our solutions perfectly serve the needs of network operators and mobile phone manufacturers.”