This project was carried out last fall on a steam line to decrease the surface temperature of pipe from 150 degree Celsius to the ambient temperature of 38 degrees Celsius.

“One of the biggest problems in petrochemical industries in the Middle East is corrosion… most importantly, corrosion under insulation (CUI) in pipes, storage tanks, metal structures, and other areas,” explained S. Razavi, chief executive officer NanoFan. “The weather in this part of the world is very corrosive. Thanks to Nansulate, we can prevent CUI problems and, of course, when it comes to saving energy, which is the talk of the day these days, we strongly believe that EPX takes the lead because of its easy application. We are proud to say that we are a part of `Industrial Nanotech’; they are the pioneer of nanotechnology around the globe.”

“NanoFan represents us in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the Middle East,” stated Francesca Crolley, vice president of operations & marketing for Industrial Nanotech. “They have completed impressive projects on petrochemical facility methanol tanks with our Nansulate High Heat and our other coatings and now have been working to introduce our new epoxy product, EPX, successfully to this market. This project demonstrates the effectiveness of Nansulate EPX, which combines extraordinary thermal insulation with corrosion resistance and chemical and flame resistance.”