ICF Resources, LLC (ICF Resources), a subsidiary of ICF International (ICF) has received a $2.2 million recompete contract from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The contract is to continue promoting the energy-efficient lighting design within the state. This two-year agreement started in 2008. NYSERDA established Small Commercial Lighting Program (SCLP) to implement energy-efficient lighting design in spaces under 25,000 square feet.

Since 2000, the company has helped NYSERDA with the design and implementation of the New York Energy $mart SCLP. The SCLP was named as Exemplary Program by American Council for an energy-efficient economy. Since the program’s inception, over nine million square feet of qualifying lighting projects have been designed and deployed, saving electricity equivalent to almost 10,000 New York State households.

“NYSERDA’s Small Commercial Lighting Program has helped more than 1,200 small businesses save $7 million annually on their electric bills and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment,” stated Bruce Appelbaum, ICF vice president and energy efficiency expert. “ICF is proud to have contributed to the success of this innovative program, and we look forward to continuing to work with NYSERDA to expand effective energy-efficient lighting solutions to a much larger audience.”

Under this agreement, the company will transition SCLP into a broader-reaching Commercial Lighting Program (CLP) to capture a greater market for the lighting upgrades, renovations, and new construction. Specific tasks incorporate offering training and technical support, promoting the new lighting design methods and high-efficiency lighting equipment, reviewing and processing incentive applications, and supporting program marketing and communications.

“Our new partnership with ICF will build upon our efforts to design the most efficient lighting for energy consumers of all sizes,” stated Francis J. Murray, Jr., president and chief executive officer of NYSERDA. “This initiative will reduce energy bills for businesses across New York State. It will also help us reach Governor Paterson’s goal of meeting 45 percent of our electricity requirements through a combination of energy efficiency and renewable sources by the year 2015.”