International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Enterprise Information Management Inc. (EIM), C-Lock Technology, Inc. (C-Lock), a subsidiary of Evergreen Energy Inc. and Foxconn/Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) have signed a global agreement to supply and install GreenCert. The GreenCert is the enterprise content management system that can precisely calculate and certify the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by a facility.

Foxconn and IBM will jointly bring the new GreenCert technology to Taiwan, where it will serve as new business model and an exclusive distribution source of the GreenCert for Asia Pacific region to promote energy saving, carbon reduction and other green energy opportunities.

The new GreenCert technology will be available in the Asia Pacific region. The new GreenCert is an information technology solution for the environmental protection and energy production developed originally in the US by IBM and its business partners, EIM and C-Lock. The solution integrates technology from IBM’s software portfolio that incorporates WebSphere, DB2, Lotus, Tivoli and Rational.

The new GreenCert also offers instant data analysis and test reports that enable the customers to utilize it as a base for carbon trading. Foxconn will make an important investment leveraging the IBM software and hardware technology to allow this analysis and management. At Kaohsiung Software Park, they will recruit many hundred software engineers with special industry skills to help make the new GreenCert technology system meet the particular needs of different Asian industries. In addition, it will aid enterprises in Asia Pacific region realize their social responsibilities toward the energy saving and carbon emissions reduction.

As carbon trading market continues to gain strength, the new GreenCert is broadly regarded as a driving force in saving the energy and reducing carbon emissions. It is a significant application for the enterprises in industries like power, petrochemicals, iron and steel and other energy businesses that attach great importance to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The Kyoto Protocol advances carbon trading as a vital means of decreasing worldwide emissions. Under the framework set up by the Protocol, the amount of carbon emissions formed by a company will become a price tagged commodity to be traded on the world markets under international law. This provision of Protocol has proven to be very popular and, in fact, the World Bank’s, State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2007, pointed out that the use of carbon trading to support reduction of GHG emissions has become most important international policy in decreasing GHG emissions.

“As part of this announcement, Foxconn will employ a large number of software engineers at the Kaohsiung Software Park to cultivate the talent needed to meet the increasing demand for environmental and energy saving technologies, and to deal with the global warming threat,” stated Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn. “As the most preferred partner to all aspects of contract manufacturing, Foxconn firmly believes it is our duty to take action to help save energy, share our experience in reducing carbon dioxide and recycle.”

“Our clients have identified a great need for accurate measurements in carbon trading. To meet this demand, IBM worked closely with EIM and C-Lock to develop GreenCert, which replaces manual calculation with computational technology. This can help enterprises collect pollutant emission data and allow them to conduct carbon trading and follow environment protection rules in their countries,” stated Mark Easton, vice president of IBM software sales. “Partnering with an environmentally conscious company like Foxconn in such a strategic way greatly enhances GreenCert’s ability to help enterprises in Asia Pacific reduce greenhouse gases.”