Hyperdynamics has begun soliciting bids through a tender process for a 3,500sqkm seismic survey covering selected prospects within its 25,000sqkm offshore Guinea exploration area. The tender includes both the acquisition and processing of 3D seismic data and was sent to major seismic contracting companies with offshore 3D capabilities.

Ray Leonard, president and CEO of Hyperdynamics, said: “We have decided to increase the size of our planned 3D seismic survey from 2,000sqkm to about 3,500sqkm to enhance our chances of success in the drilling phase next year. The larger survey will allow us to cover two separate prospect areas containing multiple prospects with 3D data and to give us a wider range of choices of drilling objectives.

“We have a contractual commitment to begin drilling by year-end 2011; so in order to choose a drilling location and have enough lead time to procure drilling equipment and services, we need to begin shooting the seismic survey this summer. Tendering the 3D seismic now helps ensure that a vessel will be available.”