Canadian utility hydro-quebec has granted GPR International an exclusive licence to market non-destructive, investigative technologies developed by its scientists at IREQ, Hydro Quebec’s research centre.

GPR is one of the largest geology and geophysics firms in Canada, specialising in inspections and studies for the repair and maintenance of dams, bridges and highway infrastructures.

One of these technologies is the remote operated underwater robot designated See All. The robot carries out visual inspections and takes readings of underwater structures such as dams and tunnels. Able to descend to a depth of 300m, the robot is manoeuvrable and stable, even when there is heavy turbulence. It also has a positioning and control system that allows changes in direction; a system for transmitting images and collecting data through fibre optics and sensors; a virtual reality module; and ancillary equipment such as sonar, a stereoscopic camera, a laser camera, an altimeter and a depth meter.

The result of eight years of research, See All has already proven itself in inspections of the Daniel Johnson, La Grande 2, Manic 3, Hull 2 and Carillon dams in Quebec, as well as the Pueblo dam in Colorado, US.