The companies have launched the trials to test the viability of the option of using hydrogenated-biodiesel mixture with unmodified vehicle components, such as fuel hoses and fuel injectors.

The trials, funded by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism under the National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory (NTSEL)’s Next-Generation Environmentally Friendly Vehicles Development and Commercialization Project, will use a Hino Blue Ribbon City Hybrid for the purpose.

FTD, a family of synthetic liquid fuels made through Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and with combustion characteristics suitable for diesel engines and virtually free from sulfur and aromatics, is claimed to emit 50% less particulate matter, 20% less HC and 20% less CO compared to conventional diesel, according to previous results under the NTSEL project.

Since October 2005, TMC, Hino, and SSSKK have been involved in projects to develop vehicles that can run exclusively on FTD, a clean-burning fuel, which can be supplied through the existing fuel infrastructure and can be made from various sources, including biomass.