The Phase II project at Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant will concurrently install electrostatic precipitators, flue-gas desulphurisation and denitrification facilities as well as a continuous emission monitoring system.

The company reported that the total investment amount of the project is estimated to be approximately RMB1.96 billion, of which 25% is equity capital to be funded by internal funds of the company. The remaining investment will be funded by bank loans.

Huaneng Power International wholly owns 17 operating power plants, and has controlling interests in 13 operating power companies and minority interests in five operating power companies in the PRC. The company’s power plants are extensively located in 12 provinces and two provincial-level municipalities. In addition, the company wholly owns one operating power company in Singapore. Currently, the company has a controlling generation capacity of 40,939MW and a total generation capacity of 39,203MW on an equity basis and is one of the listed power companies in China.