The solid recovered fuel (SRF) derived from the decomposition process was due to be used at the Westbury cement works.

The company has reported that the decision by the cement works to “mothball the works during the depression” has meant the fuel will have to be transported somewhere else.

Alan Pardoe, chairman of the Hills Group, said: “Fuels of this type that reduce both waste and CO2 have a big future in the UK. We are already in discussions with other end-users and are confident that other outlets will be found for this fuel.

“This plant is a key element of Wiltshire’s overall war on waste and means that we can look forward to the day when at least 85% of the county’s waste can be diverted from landfill. It adds up to a much more sustainable future.”

The facility will unite with the network of ten HRCs across Wiltshire that the company said are currently recycling over 70% of the 70,000 tonnes of material collected each year.

The company expects that the plant can save around 100,000 lorry miles as a result of the waste from west Wiltshire no longer being transported to a landfill site in Calne.