The company’s other wood waste recycling plants are located at Droylsden and at Teesside.

The plant will accept all grades of non-hazardous wood waste, which includes chipboard, MDF, melamine and plywood, which will be recycled into ten products. Easicattle, Easichick and Easibed are all Hadfield-branded animal bedding products, and other products include equine arena surfaces, panelboards and also biomass wood chip to be used as fuel.

Geoff Hadfield, the company’s managing director, said: “This is a very exciting project for us,” adding: “There is a huge demand in the area for a wood recycler who can take all grades of wood and recycle it into sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.”

Hadfield said that the company has selected the site in Essex for its proximity to the capital and direct access to the docks.