Funds generated through GreenerGMP will be used to support the methane gas project at the Moretown Landfill and biomass at the McNeil plant. In addition, beginning spring 2009, funding will support a farm-based methane digester in Westminster, Vermont.

Green Mountain Power will support renewable projects by purchasing the power and the renewable energy credits (RECs) they generate. Green Mountain Power recently discussed lower priced RECs from projects supporting the program and wanted the GreenerGMP rate to reflect that.

Under the GreenerGMP program, Green Mountain Power will purchase certified renewable Vermont resources equivalent to 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of a customer’s electricity use as directed by the customer. As per the approved renewable energy rate of three cents per kWh, a residential customer with a $76 monthly bill will pay an additional $3.75 per month to have one-quarter of his or her usage come from renewable energy.

Our GreenerGMP program gives our customers the opportunity to support Vermont renewable energy projects. By lowering the cost, we hope that more customers will be able to participate, said Green Mountain Power President and Chief Executive Officer Mary Powell.

Green Mountain Power is looking at many ways to increase renewable generation in Vermont. Participating in GreenerGMP gives our customers a way to act on their own commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helps support the development of new projects in Vermont, said Powell. We hope to add new resources, such as wind and solar, in the near future, Powell added.