Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. (Green Earth Nano Science) has signed a licensing agreement with Sea Solutions Ltd. (Sea Solutions) for SolarStucco self-cleaning coatings for the UK market. These SolarStucco self-cleaning coatings are designed for exterior applications. Self-sanitizing coatings for indoor applications are marketed under the brand, GENS NANO.

The deployment of the advanced self-sanitizing coating technology protects building interiors for few years depending on the surface type and treated areas.

Green Earth Nano Science has developed various environmental services and the solutions that are distributed via a network of regional applicators, contractors, entrepreneurs and the distributors. Hygienic coatings and the other environmental solutions are utilized by the company to enhance bio security, indoor environments, and to protect against the Sick Building Syndrome, surface bio-contamination and even the bio terror attacks.

“We are very happy to be able to offer GENS NANO green solution in the United Kingdom. GENS technology meets the needs of our customers who have to deal with a society always more aware of the importance of hygiene. There is therefore a great need for active protection from bio terror or natural bacteria and virus outbreaks that threat our civilization. Sea Solutions aims to bridge the technical gap between genuine nanotechnology developers and major UK manufacturers from various sectors. Together with Green Earth Nano Science Inc. we’ll be implementing an aggressive marketing strategy to explore all business opportunities with GENS NANO & SolarStucco technology in the UK. Our sole mission will be to assist our industrial clients to bring to market the GENS NANO extensive line of added-value green technologies and environmental services that are part of the licence agreement with Green Earth Nano Science Inc, stated Diana Barbosa, managing director at SEA Solutions.

Once coated, the surface remains self-sanitizing on condition that enough light is present to activate photo catalytic effect of titanium dioxide (TiO2). A variety of tests proved that the treated surfaces, when illuminated by light, efficiently control and restrain bacteria growth decreasing the risk of surface bio-contamination. This new technology brings added benefits to environment by eliminating the need of facilities like water and chemicals utilized to disinfect walls and ceilings and the impact on environment. It enhances indoor air quality and decreases building maintenance costs. There is never too much protection when it comes to the food safety or removal of any potential sources of bio-contamination. The deployment of self-sanitizing natural mineral coating on the walls and ceilings inside the offices, food processing plants or clean rooms helps to decrease to a minimum any potential risk of the bio-contamination via non contact surfaces.

Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, executive director of Green Earth Nano Science vice president of global operations, stated, “This new strategic partnership in the UK provides a valuable new marketplace to expand further into the EU and serves as a potential bridge to other EU markets. With today’s danger of potential bio terror attacks, and natural bio threats from avian influenza (bird flu) viruses, E-Col, Listeria outbreaks in food industry, there is an ongoing quest to protect humanity and act proactive to increase protection and survivability in today’s dangerous world. Many products will be improved by our green nano coatings to give them unprecedented self sanitizing and self cleaning features. Until today there was no technology that could sanitize and purify the air at the same time 24/7 , and thanks to Green Earth Nano Science efforts and many years of R&D we have a technology today that is proven in action and is 100% green. We are expanding rapidly our global licence applicator and distributor network. We work with companies that can help us to install our system and protect people and animals in every building, home, hotel, hospital, poultry farm, together with other impotent sectors to increase survivability in the case of bio attack.”

Green Earth Nano Science is a Canada based developer of GENS NANO & SolarStucco, self-sanitizing and self-cleaning photocatalyst coatings and new air & surface purification system.

Sea Solutions is a UK based green technology consulting and solutions provider.