General Motors (GM) plans to invest $23.5m to facilitate additional production of vehicle electrification components at its White Marsh electric motor manufacturing facility on the site of the Baltimore Transmission Plant.

GM has made the investments in the White Marsh facility, which will start manufacturing electric motors in 2013, with the assistance from the Recovery Act funding provided by the US Department of Energy.

This investment is in addition to $246m, which GM has pledged to spend on building a high-volume electric drive production facility for its rear-wheel drive Two-mode Hybrid system at the Baltimore plant.

While the Baltimore plant will create about 200 jobs in three states, including Maryland, the electric motor manufacturing plant is expected to create 11 job openings to be filled in accordance with the UAW-GM National Agreement.

Designing and manufacturing electric motors at Baltimore Transmission will provide GM with more flexibility to control the design, materials and production processes and to reduce costs and improve performance, quality, reliability and manufacturability.

GM manufacturing manager Arvin Jones said that the investment will allow the company to strengthen its core electrification components expertise and the company will have more to say about specific products later.