General Motors Corporation (General Motors) is planning to locate the battery pack assembly facility in Michigan. The company is close to a decision to locate this new lithium-ion battery pack assembly facility, which is yet to reveal the exact locations under consideration. The battery packs will go into company's new Chevrolet Volt electric car to be launched in late 2010 and designed to run 40 miles on a single battery charge.

We are finalizing with some local governments on a couple of sites and I would think that very shortly we would be able to announce that location, said Bob Kruse, General Motors’s executive director of global vehicle engineering for hybrids, electric vehicles and batteries.

The company anticipates manufacturing 10,000 Volt cars in the first 12 months of production with the number increasing to 60,000 a year.

The company is seeking US government aid to support a turnaround and will invest about $250 million at an existing plant in Flint, Michigan, to build engines for the new Chevrolet Volt electric car.

LG Chem Ltd. ( LG Chem) will be offering lithium-ion batteries for the company’s new Chevrolet Volt electric car.

Under the contract with the company, LG Chem will manufacture the battery cells at its plant in Ochang, south of Seoul, Korea. The cells will then be delivered directly to a company’s battery assembly facility to be built in Michigan.