GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, a subsidiary of General Electric Company (GE), has signed a contract with PureChoice Inc. (PureChoice) to provide 50,000 Telaire Dual Beam CO2 sensors as part of PureChoice’s PureTrac Building Performance Software offering. The PureTrac system offers a simple, cost-effective solution to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings by 15 to 20%, without compromising indoor air quality and does not require additional capital improvement costs.

The company will supply these products over the next 18 months for use in the PureChoice’s Nose Monitor

“We purposefully selected GE because they design the highest quality CO2 sensor available,” said Bryan Reichel, CEO, PureChoice. “Ensuring accurate CO2 measurements is an absolutely critical part of the process for any building manager looking to ensure an energy efficient building environment. If you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it.”

The Nose Monitor is a compact, automated data collection and analysis platform for measuring indoor air quality parameters in any conditioned space. The microprocessors control the operation of all sensors, including thermal regulation, initial setup and calibration, conversion to engineering units, digital messaging and data transfer. All Noses include a miniature circulating fan to ensure the accuracy of the sensors readings by exchanging the volume of air within the Nose several times per minute. All sensors have been mounted into a single-printed circuit board installed into a durable yet discreet thermoplastic housing.