To provide services for two GE 9FA gas turbines at Zhejiang Zheneng Zhenhai plant and two GE 9Es at Fujian plant

GE Energy has signed service and maintenance agreements totaling $128m for two power plants in China. GE Energy will provide inspections and service for two GE 9FA gas turbines at the Zhejiang Zheneng Zhenhai power plant in Ningbo. The power plant has an output of 795.6MW.

GE has also signed a long-term contractual service agreement with the Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company to handle all parts, repairs and service for two GE 9Es at the company’s site in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.

The project uses integrated gasification combined cycle technology and generates power from exhaust gases in the refining process. The Fujian facility operates a refinery with a capacity of four million tons per year.

Both the contractual service agreements will ensure that the GE 9FAs and the 9Es are run in a safe, reliable and timely manner with a planned maintenance schedule to avoid unexpected failures.

Jack Wen, president and CEO of GE Energy China, said: GE has provided technology and equipment in China over decades. We are proud to continue this support to help China meet its energy demands and increase efficiency.

These contractual service agreements represent the latest in a series of service and maintenance agreements designed to improve efficiency, output and reliability of our gas turbines at Fujian and Zhejiang Zheneng Zhenhai’s power plants.