The features of new dimming ballasts are: parallel lamp operation, fast <700ms starting times and high efficiency cathode cutout, with the additional capability of full-range dimming of 100 to 3% in T8 linear fluorescent lamps.

Such total control makes these new ballasts ideal for scene control, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, light tuning, load shedding and demand response, energy-saving strategies for meeting energy legislation and energy efficiency goals. In settings such as office buildings, retail chains, schools, hospitals and government buildings, the dimming ballasts provide the proper ambiance and user control to set preferred light levels for specific tasks and improved employee comfort.

“Energy saving strategies such as daylight harvesting and the growth of the Smart Grid are increasingly incorporating automated light controls and dimming to contribute on the demand side of a Smart Grid,” says Jeff Plaskon, ballast product manager, GE Consumer & Industrial. “These new GE ballasts meet the need head-on with full-range dimming that reduces energy consumption and contributes to peak demand management.”