Gaz de France ESS, the UK arm of the French state-controlled gas utility, has proposed a new tender system for the UK wholesale gas market designed to overcome issued of shortages and differential supply in times of increased demand.

Initially referring to the industrial and commercial gas market users, Gaz de France ESS has floated the concept of the National Grid regulating a system where gas can be sold back into the market by major users to facilitate redistribution to areas of need, Platts has reported.

Gaz de France ESS has circulated a draft gas market rule change, which will now be considered by the wider industry.

Meanwhile, the French energy regulator CRE has warned Paris that proposed tariff increases for gas sales in France are inadequate. The French government has granted a 5.6% rise, but the regulator says this does not cover the increased wholesale price Gaz de France has to pay.

According to Platts, CRE is calling for a 6.2% increase in gas tariffs to retail and small business customers.