After a weekend of desperate gas shortages following explosions on its main supply lines, former Soviet state Georgia is replenishing its supplies through an alternative pipeline running through Azerbaijan.

Georgia had lurched into a gas shortage crisis over the weekend after two suspected sabotage strikes on its main supply lines from Russia left much of the freezing nation including its capital without gas supplies.

The two nations have recently been locked in a dispute about future prices for Russian supplies. After the explosion on the supply pipeline Georgia reportedly accused Russia of committing the act as a punishment for its defiance.

Speaking to the BBC, Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili said the near simultaneous attacks close to Georgia’s border were pre-planned actions orchestrated by Russia. In response Russian authorities described the Georgia reaction as hysterical. Meanwhile Russia has blamed the attacks on pro-Chechen criminals.

Following the establishment of the new gas link through Azerbaijan, supply has been restored to most of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. According to the BBC, Gazprom has supplied an extra three million cubic meters of gas to its neighbor via Azerbaijan.

Authorities say it will take a few days for supplies to return to normal and for the damaged pipelines to be repaired.