The partnership between Ford and CenterPoint Energy includes sharing information on charging needs and requirements to ensure the electrical grid can support the necessary demand for EVs, and providing consumer education outreach around EVs.

Together the companies will develop strategies to encourage efficient use of household electricity and plugging in EVs at times when renewable energy resources are more likely to be the power source to minimize emissions and distribution impacts of charging EVs.

The collaboration also calls for the companies to work jointly with state and local governments to support charging station permitting, EV incentives and future legislation or regulations, paving the way for EV acceptance in the Houston area, Texas and across the country.

Ford Motor manager of vehicle electrification and infrastructure, Mike Tinskey said that Ford has an aggressive plan to bring five new electrified vehicles to market over the next two years, including the Transit Connect Electric later this year and the Focus battery electric in 2011.

“To support the roll out and acceptance of these vehicles it is important to work with local utilities to make sure the necessary infrastructure and grid capability are ready,” Tinskey said.