FlipChip International, LLC (FCI) has formed an alliance with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) for 300mm flip chip bumping and wafer level packaging. In this strategic alliance, FCI and SMIC will jointly promote SMIC's advanced 300mm bumping fab in Shanghai's Pudong district. FCI will take part in this alliance via its joint venture, FlipChip Millennium (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (FCMS), and the FCI facility in Phoenix, Arizona, providing turnkey bumping services.

FCI and SMIC will also align their technology and the product roadmaps for 300mm bumping solutions at numerous technology nodes, incorporating those needed for new packaging like 3D packaging and the embedded die applications. New packaging can be used in mobile handsets, medical devices, automotive integrated circuits, microprocessors, graphics processors, and the wireless 3G integrated solutions.

‘This outstanding strategic partnership confirms the strong relationship between two internationally recognized semiconductor providers and also validates the global strategic importance of wafer level packaging and flip chip bumping for next generation products, including 3G mobile handsets,’ stated Bob Forcier, FCI president and chief executive officer. ‘This alliance will provide the market with the most complete global bumping and wafer level packaging service in the industry.’

Chiou Feng Chen, SMIC vice president of corporate marketing and sales, stated, ‘We are excited to form this partnership alliance with FCI, which combines two robust product portfolios to provide the most comprehensive bumping solution available in the market today. In addition, the alliance offers customers the potential of a one-stop solution for wafer fabrication, bumping, probe and final test, and drop-ship service to end customers.’

FlipChip International, LLC is a US-based supplier of products and services for the wafer bumping and wafer scale packaging semiconductor market.

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) is a China-based company engaged in the computer-aided design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and trading of integrated circuits (IC) and other semiconductor services, and manufacturing design of semiconductor masks.

FlipChip Millennium (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (FCMS) is a joint venture company between FlipChip International LLC (FCI) and Millennium Microtech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MMS) dedicated to providing new products and services for flip chip wafer bumping and wafer level chip scale packaging.