eSolar, Inc. (eSolar) has signed an licensing agreement with the ACME Group (ACME) to build up to 1,000 megawatt (MW) of solar thermal power plants over the next 10 years. eSolar names ACME as a master licensee of its modular, scalable technology and grants the company the exclusive right to represent eSolar in India developing its own utility-scale solar thermal projects and working with other firms that want to build solar thermal power plants in India using eSolar technology.

The agreement combines both companies’ resources to enable complete project capabilities, ranging from technology development and component manufacturing to power plant construction and operation. Additionally, ACME will make a $30 million equity investment in eSolar.

This partnership represents eSolar’s first international licensing agreement. As a master licensee, ACME will build, own and operate solar thermal plants in India using eSolar’s modular and scalable design and will work with other companies to build solar thermal power plants in India using eSolar technology. ACME has already signed power purchase MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding) for 250 MW. Construction will start later this year on the first 100 MW of eSolar power plants, and ACME is targeting 1,000 MW of solar power within India over the next 10 years. This deal builds on eSolar’s recently announced partnership with and $10 million equity investment from NRG Energy, Inc. to construct 500 MW in the United States.

“eSolar has produced the first solar energy that is competitive with fossil fuels,” said Bill Gross, chiwef executive officer (CEO) of eSolar. “ACME’s $30 million commitment demonstrates their confidence in eSolar’s technology. We are working with the very best partners, such as ACME, to scale deployment as quickly as possible around the world.”

“The eSolar system addresses obstacles that have previously plagued solar installations and presents a viable, cost-effective alternative that can scale quickly to meet India’s growing energy needs,” said Manoj Upadhyay, chairman and CEO of the ACME.

Commenting on the deal, ACME chief operating officer Atul Sabharwal added, “eSolar’s technology platform fits in perfectly with our core mission to develop and deliver products that save energy, support the environment and can be deployed quickly and easily. Our partnership with eSolar is a milestone toward both companies’ goal of delivering solar power that is cost-competitive with fossil fuel based energy.”