According to the company, it has been in discussion with the regulator of electricity and gas markets, Ofgem, after the regulator’s recent market probe found that, while the energy market works well, some electricity customers without mains gas could not get the benefits that dual fuel customers receive.

Graham Bartlett, managing director of E.ON UK’s retail business, said: “We’re always looking to price our products fairly. However, we, like Ofgem, saw that our electricity customers who have no mains gas are simply not able to get some of our best deals. That’s why we’ve decided to level the playing field in our core regions by passing on this special reduction.”

Last week, E.ON announced that it hopes to reduce prices for all of its customers as soon as it is able next year, as long as wholesale electricity and gas prices continue to fall. Earlier this year, E.ON removed the surcharge for its prepayment meter customers and brought their prices into line with E.ON’s standard prices. 

E.ON UK is UK’s integrated power and gas company – generating and distributing electricity, and retailing power and gas – and are part of the E.ON group.